Triple B Cowboy Challenge
March 16-17, 2024

Will tickets be available online?


Are all of the activities included in my admission ticket or is there an additional cost?

Please see the event ticket price list. Here is the link to event prices https://www.triplebcowboy.com/

Can I pay with a credit card?


Will you have ATMs at the event?

Yes, ATMs will be strategically located on the property

Is parking free?

General parking is available and free

Can I bring a chair?

No, seating will be available

Are the event activities handicap accessible?


Will wheelchairs be available?


Do you have handicap parking?

The Exchange Park has ample handicap parking for authorized users.

Can I bring my own wheelchair or motorized scooter?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own wheelchair or motorized scooter.

Can I bring my own stroller or wagon?

Yes, you may bring your own stroller or wagon for your children to use on the property.

Can I bring my pet to the event?

For the safety of your pet and all our patrons, we must ask you to leave your pets at home. Only ADA-Compliant Service Animals are permitted, in accordance with the Exchange Park Service Animal Policy.

What if I have a service animal?

We welcome service animals in accordance with our Service Animal Policy, Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. This may also include miniature horses. No other animals qualify and will not be permitted. See our Policies Page for more info:

Can I smoke or vape?

For the safety and comfort of our guests, we have instituted a Smoking Policy, which prohibits smoking or vaping in certain areas. For more info, please see our Policies Page:

What is your policy on alcoholic beverages?

Alcohol is NOT permitted to be brought onto the property. Beer and wine may (TBD) be for sale and may be consumed inside the Exchange Park, in designated areas. Alcohol is not allowed in the parking areas

What things CAN’T I bring to the event?

* Weapons of any kind
* Alcohol or recreational drugs of any kind
* Backpacks
* Glass containers (except for baby food)
* Coolers (we have plenty of food and drink here)

Can I bring a backpack, diaper bag, tote bag, or my new purse?

The Exchange Park has implemented a CLEAR BAG POLICY for this event. See info on the new clear bag policy at this link: https://www.coastalcarolinafair.org/p/about/clear-bag-policy-in-effect
Diaper bags will be allowed for people with infants and toddlers. The child must be present to bring in the bag. Only 1 bag allowed per child.
Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at designated entrance points.

What if I need to go to my car and come back?

Visitors who buy a ticket and then want to leave and return to the event have that option. Be sure to get your hand stamped before exiting if you plan to

Will drinks be available?

Yes, drinks will be available for purchase

What kind of security measures will be in place during the event?

The safety of our guests, exhibitors and employees is our No. 1 priority. The event is staffed by licensed security professionals.
We have the right to conduct personal and bag checks at the ticket gates, this includes metal detection.
Please Note: the use of selfie sticks is prohibited throughout the event.

Can I bring my drone to the event or fly it over the Exchange Park?

No drones are allowed unless authorized by event management.

Notice to ticket holders:

Prices, policies, programs, schedules, and entertainment are subject to change or cancellation without notice. No weapons, guns or knives allowed at the event. Not responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced tickets and/or tickets obtained through sources not approved by the Exchange Park event. Ticket holder assume responsibility for him/her self as well as for each minor in the charge of ticket holder. You further consent to the use of your likeness in any displays, transmissions, or reproduction for marketing of this or any future event. No rain checks. No refunds. The Exchange Park and the event coordinators reserve the right to refuse admission.